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11918 Residence

The lake residence was designed for a young family of four with a contemporary lifestyle.  The client for this house is a progressive designer of eyeglasses representing an international sports outfitter. His familiarity with the process of design allowed for very fruitful conversation about the design direction, and made it a truly collaborative effort.

The site, located on a lake and positioned on a steep slope, allowed for spectacular views, and the design was seen as a viewing mechanism for the adjacent context.  The massing of the house was used as a way explain the hierarchy and division of the program of the house.  The western end facing the lake, which is the living room, incorporates a double height space with large expanses of glass to facilitate view.  This space also makes connections to the upper levels of the house where the more private functions of bedrooms reside.

**work completed while employed at RBA.     brian (lead designer, project architect, project manager)