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Human Rights Center Competition

Webster’s defines a vault as a room or compartment for the safekeeping of valuables.  The design for this human rights center was conceived of as an underground space to hold and keep the videotaped testimonies, electronic and print resources, and displays of Holocaust survivors and liberators.  A private, thought-provoking place to host seminars, workshops, and the lively exchanges between teachers and students; a structure that speaks to the importance of cultural diversity and pluralism.

Architectural intentions:
1. Create a campus intervention that is both an outdoor plaza space and an education resource center under the plaza.
2. Create a journey to the exhibit space through a scripted sequence of experiences.  This is intended to prepare visitors for the importance and seriousness of the Holocaust not only as a singular event but also as a way to understand human rights, dignity, and diversity through reflection.
3. Create spaces, rather than a signature object building, that connect the existing building context and improve the campus and the student circulation.

**work executed as a joint venture with another office.