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1333 Residence

This renovation shows that no project is too small for design.  1333 Residence was a design-build effort.  The existing bathroom was gutted and the new vanity was the focus of the rebuild.

The vanity top was fabricated from laminated 3/4″ birch plywood with an undermount sink.  The top was mounted on a welded tube steel base which was painted in an auto body shop with a vintage VW orange color.  The overlap of the components allow for the end of the tube steel to function as a towel holder, while the material allows a cantilever giving an appearance of more space in the bathroom.

The storage cart for the bathroom was seen as a movable fixture, fitting into the opening left by the tube steel.  The material composition consists of overlapping surfaces all coming together to imply edges and boundaries.  The stainless steel top was hinged for easy access to contents inside and the lack of enclosure at the edges allows for venting of its hot equipment.  This function encouraged the storage of contents in lieu of letting it set out until cool, which in turn helped to keep the bathroom cleaner and clutter free.

The mirror frame was fabricated from remnants of the vanity top construction, and the mirror that was salvaged  from the existing bathroom.  A minimal linear cut floated the mirror away from the wall while holes in the vertical surface held the toothbrushes.