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5967 Residence

The 5967 Residence is a renovation of a 1960’s home in Omaha, NE. The owners of the house desired to have a space which would reflect their lifestyle, treating it as a backdrop to the objects and artworks they have collected over the years. The feature element in the center, a slat enclosure breakfast bar, was conceived as a focal piece which would help to both connect and separate space depending on sight lines.

“The renovation included removing all interior walls between the kitchen, dining and living rooms, including the central load-bearing support for the roof,” the Kellys say. “Along with our structural engineer, we proposed a solution to modify the stick framing above the ceiling plane and carry the load with new columns and beams, which would be wrapped in mahogany and become part of the focal piece of the space, the breakfast bar.” The new mahogany columns, beams and accompanying slatwall structures contrast with the glossy white breakfast bar to provide a major “wow” look in the space.

“The high-gloss white surface fl oats on one end, suspended by the delicate mahogany slatwall screen,” the Kellys explain. “The columns and beams disguise the new structure that is now supporting the roof, and the wood slats create an enclosure around the bar that both allows and obscures views of the adjacent dining and living spaces, depending on your vantage point. On the opposite end, the slats mask visibility to the more private parts of the house accessed just past the original stone entry hall floor and fi replace room.”   Atomic Ranch magazine, Renovation Guide Summer 2021

Featured in: Omaha Magazine Home edition, May 2021; Atomic Ranch Renovation Guide Summer 2021

Photography by Colin Conces