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“At its core an austere cavernous three level monumental open stair court, the building gathers covered exterior corridors and walks with dreary shadows. Entering from the South and lowest level, I immediately enjoyed seeing that a variety of interventions had been placed there literally over night; suspended, cantilevered, spanning. These were interventions full of color, lively experiments in surface and construction, frames and volumes, tucked in corners, and springing from the walkways; works that carefully spilled through structural gaps between levels. The site suggested new relations within, and emerging from, the established building elements, reaching and stretching toward near campus landmarks and distant landforms. These were provocative objects to look at, but more importantly, newfound spaces and marked places of engagement within the building framework.”

Michael Lucas, RA, Professor of Architecture

California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo | ARCH131 | 2005-2007