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Ultimus Design Thesis

ARCH613/614 Design Thesis

Student: Ian Jones

Description: This thesis is working towards developing a set of representations capable of crafting a cautionary tale of a possible future of the built environment, should we continue to ignore the signs of rapid deterioration across our planet. 

The goal is to illuminate the issue of climate change through the lens of architectural propaganda and architectural ruins. By exploring these architectural concepts, the aim is to develop a parafictional method of storytelling that dramatizes and exaggerates the effects of climate change on our built environment. As well as illustrate the effects our built world has had on the Earth’s environment. Additionally, this thesis is focused on highlighting our society’s ever-increasing reliability on various technologies. In doing so, the hope is to grow an understanding of how architecture and architectural representation can become propagandic, and how one might be able to use it in a manipulative manner.