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ARCH543 Spring 2016 (Theory of Architecture Representations)

Students: Skyler Kruse-Asmussen, Abdulrahman Nahas, Bryan Perez, Carolina Preciado, Nolan Schaefer

Description: Installation exhibit for the 2016 Big Omaha Conference. This student team explored the concept of x-ray imagery and material transparency through layered corrugated cardboard.

The cross-section has significant use in several disciplines, including those of medical (anatomical drawings and CAT scans) and architectural works (building sections and details). “Anatomi-cow” uses the technique of sectional contouring of a form, in this case a cow, to collectively manifest its internal and external properties. The abstraction of the external (skin) was generated from inspiration of the black and white pattern of a Holstein cow breed. The internal condition is translated through specific views which render the body transparent.