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Can You See Me Cow?

ARCH543 Spring 2016 (Theory of Architectural Representations)

Students: Nicho Eggers, Chaoyang Gong, Noel Jovany-Castro, Rachel Plamann, Carolina Presciado, Kristen Schulte, Rebecca Walker

Description: Installation exhibit for the 2016 Big Omaha Conference.

Camouflage is the act of hiding or disguising the presence of a person, animal, or object by means of painting or coloring in order to blend in with its surroundings. “Can You See Me Cow?” is an exploration of techniques of razzle dazzle, a camouflage technique commonly employed by the military and automobile industries, and anamorphosis, a perspectival technique dating back to the 15th century. The installation creates surface distortion through optical illusions and hidden imagery while engaging the audience to become a part of the artificially created surroundings.