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aRchitectuRe viRus

Text submitted as a part of the competition:

“What you are looking at are merely representations of a process that explores the ‘architecture virus.’  These investigations were, and still are, a constant dialogue of documentation versus projection of ideas.  The intent was to let the process of the design be continually evident, allowing a synthesis of old and new ideas.  For this reason, the technique of palimpsest was chosen as a method of exploration and documentation.  Only three drawing boards were used to record the process.  Drawings were developed to a certain point and then painted over with a diluted coat of gesso, preparing a new drawing surface while still allowing the previous layers to bleed through and infect the new drawing.  This exploration into the virus was also done on the same drawing boards used for my formative educational investigations.  In essence, these boards are a physical manifestation of the ‘architecture virus.’

With the newspaper serving as a catalyst, the site was developed through a collage of cultural happenings.  The intent was to allow culture to form the site and let the representation make evident the permeability of the modern house.  Along with this connection brings the issue of control and the false boundary that it creates.  Property lines are as much a line of removal as a line of ownership.

The design of the dwelling explores the virus from yet another perspective.  Culture is viral in that it infiltrates all aspects of our lives.  It is inescapable, even in the confines of our own homes.  Although non-tangible, culture manifests itself in such things as clothes, cars, television, and artwork.  The house is often thought of as a safe haven, predominantly removed from society.  The walls we often think of as protecting us are not preventing the virus from infiltrating the boundaries of the house.  The design seeks to make this contention evident revealing the connections to society that are often hidden and removing boundaries that create false comfort.  Traditional architectural components of walls, floors and roofs are used to simultaneously delineate the existence and removal of a boundary.

…so what is the ‘architecture virus?’  One could say that this investigation has infected you.”